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Who is Nativewise?

Nativewise Nutritional Therapy is a nutritional therapy practice in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia founded in 2018 by Devon Byrne, NTP. As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Devon believes that food holds the therapeutic properties we seek in achieving optimal health and wellness. 

At Nativewise Nutritional Therapy, the core and founding belief is that food is our bodies' primary fuel and medicine, and that good food comes from good soil. Additionally, we can look to our ancestors and native cultures around the world for holistic responses to our modern ailments. 


By incorporating functional nutrition, traditional diets, farm-fresh foods, and mindful lifestyle habits, we begin a path to reclaiming your health through an honest understanding of diet and nutrition.

Nativewise Nutritional Therapy inspires people to feel more connected to their food, their environment, their communities, and of course, themselves. By formulating unique, food-based programs, we also work together to create a more sustainable food system and preserve nutrient-rich soil for future generations. 


“After just a year of working with [Devon], my GI issues have almost completely resolved themselves. My fatigue turned into fuel and sustained endurance. I am now at competition levels as an athlete and my mental clarity has reached new levels.” Read ultra-runner Sam's full testimony here


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