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Why Tom Brady doesn't eat tomatoes

Peak summer tomato time!! I always love cutting into a vegetable or fruit to see what super cool patterns are hidden inside! I love examining the similarities of seed designs and patterns in nature.

But you know who isn’t partaking in tomato season??...Tom Brady.


Why Tom Brady doesn’t eat tomatoes:

🍅 tomatoes are in the nightshade family which is considered an INFLAMMATORY food group

🍅nightshades have “anti-nutrients” that help the plant ward off insects, but may trigger an immune response in humans

🍅an anti-inflammatory diet, according to some experts, helps athletes recover quickly from intense training and boosts performance

🍅other experts believe the TB12 method claims are deflated just like his sport balls🏈

🍅however, studies have shown eliminating harmful, chronic inflammation does reduce risk of cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes

If you suspect a sensitivity to nightshades, try an elimination diet or this simple at-home pulse test:

1. Don’t eat anything for two hours.

2. Make sure you’re in a relaxed state.

3. Take your pulse for a FULL MINUTE and record the number.

4. Take a bite of the tomato and with it still in your mouth, take your pulse again for a minute.

5. If your pulse increased by 6 pulses or more, you may have a sensitivity and should consider further testing—this is meant as a guide not an absolute. You can read more about the test from Nourished Kitchen blog here.

Are you ready to try an adrenal reset diet (adrenals can become exhausted in a state of chronic inflammation from hidden food sensitivities)?? Download my free 5-day meal plan!

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