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Sam M.

“I had been sick since birth with GI issues, fatigue and no direct path to wellness. Being an endurance athlete takes its toll on the body. Doctors wanted me on medication but I refused. I wanted a holistic way to heal my body through natural resources. Devon came into my life and all was changed for the better. Her wealth of medical knowledge, respect for the human body, her connection to the natural world and her passion for health and wellness can not be matched by any practitioner. After just a year of working with her, my GI issues have almost completely resolved themselves. My fatigue turn into fuel and sustained endurance. I am now at competition levels as an athlete and my mental clarity has reached new levels. I could not recommend someone more qualified. Thanks Devon!”

Francy L.

"I can't begin to describe how grateful I am to have worked with Devon. The initial protocol was exactly what I needed to recalibrate my health and make it a priority. In one of our follow-up sessions Devon recommended that I have my thyroid tested (something a doctor has never suggested). The test revealed that my TSH and antibody levels were quite abnormal. I have since been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease which has led to hypothyroidism. Without Devon it would have been years (maybe decades) before this was caught. I look forward to working with her more!"

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