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holistic nutrition, personalized CSA; healthy harvest box; local food basket


Functional Nutrition Assessment:​​​

Nativewise Nutritional Therapy offers:

  • Functional Nutrition Assessments (available online or in-person)

  • 1 : 1 Sessions (available in-person only)

    • Focused guidance, symptom analysis and unique protocols for your path towards optimal wellness


  • Personalized, Local "Food Therapy" CSA

  • Food Literacy Curriculum in Schools

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

Uncover which of your symptoms are linked to nutrient deficiencies and discover how your body's systems are currently functioning. Your personalized, express start to optimal wellness includes:

  • Short-term customized food & lifestyle plan

  • Diet analysis

  • Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire

  • 30 minute consultation


Available online or in-person


Passport to Health Package:

Includes the Functional Nutrition Assessment plus:

  • In-depth health history & diet analysis 

  • Hands-on clinical evaluation (learn about the Functional Clinical Assessment here)

  • Personalized protocols with short- and long-term goals

  • Three additional follow-up sessions

  • Weekly support via phone or e-mail and 15% off all supplements

  • Recommended for those with known chronic ailments, or anyone seeking extra hands-on support and interaction


Available for local clients only.​​

Payment plans available. Must redeem all follow up visits within 9 months of initial session. Inquire here.

Follow Up Sessions:

  • Updated symptom burden analysis and goals & outcomes re-evaluation

  • Updated personalized protocol

  • Sessions may also include hands-on evaluations, dietary fine-tuning, detox protocols, allergy testing, comprehensive lab testing, and more.

  • Available online or in-person.


Once you purchase a service, you will receive an e-mail to book your first appointment and complete the intake forms.  

 Add ons:

  • Personalized, Local Food Therapy CSA

    • Enjoy the healthy harvest of local farms! You will receive bi-weekly baskets of seasonal produce that is personalized to support and improve your bio-individual wellness.​ Location and season permitting. 

  • "Harvest to Health" Community Meals

    • Interested in hosting a group of up to 10 people for a nourishing meal? Learn about proper food sourcing, prepping, and cooking techniques while digging deeper into your wellness journey with friends and family.

Passport to Corporate Wellness: Inquire about pricing.

Food Literacy in Schools: Do your students know where their food comes from? Ask about classroom visits that include fun and effective activities that inspire healthy eating and interest in food systems!

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